31st May, 2006  
  Closing Ceremony of the REACT Training Course in Madrid  

The Peace Support Experts Training Course, was held in Madrid during the 1st through the 31st of May 2006. This course was promoted and organized by Helsinki España - Human Dimension and certified by the Human Rights Institute. The Gertrude Ryan Foundation was one of the collaborators in this program.

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What purpose does this Foundation serve?

The merest glance at the prevailing international judicial activity reveals the necessity for the exchange of information and experience concerning the disparities between the existing bodies of law and also exposes the need for a more global approach to training and formative action.

It is also evident that a realistic effort must be made to influence the rational application of this legislation and reinforce, wherever possible, the principals of Human Rights. Assuring the proper administration and implementation of Human Rights Legislation rests in our hands, and it should be our responsibility, and the task of the future generations, to make sure that its principles are correctly and faithfully applied.

This is why The Gertrude Ryan Foundation was formed.

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